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Saturday, 19 Jan 2019


You 're in Good Hands with RESTAssure.


RESTAssure 's mission is to continually be in partnership with Clients, Healthcare Facilities, Vendors and the Government. We strive to be the home health-care provider of choice for products and services. This will be achieved through delivering quality service, cost savings and efficient solution to our clients.

Thanks to advances in home respiratory care, people affected by respiratory, heart – related or sleep disorders can now lead fulfilling and independent lives. Getting the most from home care therapy requires a team approach. Aside from providing quality respiratory devices,RESTAssure also offers a host complimentary support services.


RESTAssure is dedicated to helping its clients by providing the following:


* A full range of affordable home care products and services.
* Extensive after sales service and maintenance support meeting patient compliance.
* State of the art client education and information services.
* A lasting commitment to socially responsible practices and support for medical research and professional development. All of which makes RESTAssure your best choice for complete home respiratory care.